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CHENG YIEU DEVELOPMENT MACHINERY CO., LTD. Address : No.12-26,Lai Chen Liao, Hai Chen Li, Chia Li Chen, Tainan, Taiwan.

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Company Brief

Outstanding Technology And Perfect Services
CYKF is one of the most professional extruder manufacturers having earnt a good reputation from many of our customers. We have extensive company resources, professional technology and ability. We meet customers' requests in anything to do with extruder function or design. We provide our customers with a perfectly designed machine, complete technological support and quality after-sales service.

Advanced high precision machining equipments such as Five Axis Machining Center, Four Axis Boring Milling Machining Center and laser cutting machine and QA system ensure the products quality, Hengli is dedicated to achieving 100% Customer Satisfaction, the only acceptable standard by which we can measure quality success.

By self upgrade and continuous improvement, we has been devoting to world leading machinery.


Quality control has always been a hallmark at CYKF. This is essential. All of our employees must complete professional training. Quality guarantee is our responsibility at CYKF. Quality is controlled and checked along every step of manufactur. We insist on quality control. Before each machine is dispatched, it must pass rigorous testing and checking to ensure the best operating perforance and reliability. CYKF is certified ISO-9001 and never forget their motto : "Honesty, Reliability, Quality."

Cheng Yieu Development Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of pelletizer extruders such as the single-screw pelletizer extruder, the parallel-type twin-screw pelletizer extruder and the co-rotating twin-screw extruder. Since the company was established, we have committed ourselves to the research and development of advanced extruders. This ensures that our customers can be guaranteed of superior quality product, increased productivity and reduced production costs.

CYKF have been operating in many countries to the full satisfaction of customers. However, we are never satisfied with our current reputation. We always strive hard for new technological challenges.


The average age of CYKF staff is only 35 years old. We believe in both 'theorvy and practise' as far as designing our machines. The efficient response and professional result from this "e-generation's" output creates a new, fresh outlook for traditional industrial extruders. We offer customers effective high-capacity and high-quality - all in the one extruder.

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